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With roots dating back to 1601, we have been making fine cutlery in Sheffield, England for many generations.

Our product range has steadily developed in the highest traditions into a very extensive range of Professional Knives and Accessories for use in the Catering, Food Processing and Industrial Markets worldwide.

Our knives are made from fully hardened and tempered stainless steel to ensure maximum edge retention. All Granton® Knives are available with standard black or Colour-GripTM colour-coded handles to comply with the latest safety and hygiene regulations, and with a choice of blade and handle types.

The Original Granton® Edge - often copied, never duplicated

The greatest accolade of any successful product is that it is copied, and the Granton® Edge is the perfect example! The Granton® Edge, was originally designed and patented by our Company in 1928, and since this time almost every knife manufacturer in the world has tried to duplicate the edge – and have even tried to use the Granton name to describe their copies!

The Granton® Edge was originally designed specifically with the professional user in mind. It has taken generations to perfect the manufacturing process and it is product of which we are very proud.

If you want the original, and ONLY Granton® Edge Knife, click here!

The Granton® Name

The Granton® Trademark is the sole property of Granton Ragg Limited, and is registered in all major world markets.


Help in the fight against bacterial cross contamination


Keep a grip on food safety and hygiene by following the Colour-Grip™ coding system for all working surfaces.

Click here for more information on the Granton® ColourGrip™ system 



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