Granton produce a wide range of accessories and specialist products for use within the food industry. For a comprehensive list of products available please contact us.

Sharpening Steels

All Granton®  sharpening steels are supplied standard with magnetised, hard-chrome blades. Oval blades are also available on request.
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Knife Scabbard - with removable front cover for easy cleaning!


Our Polypropylene Knife Scabbards are designed with both Safety and Hygiene in mind.

They have an angled flange which secures the knife and keeps it nestled close to the scabbard and safely out of the way.

In addition, the plastic front of the scabbard can be slipped out of the scabbard frame for easy cleaning and sterilising.

Designed for belt or bench use, these scabbards are available in stanard white, and in colour-coding, in 2 sizes:-

A. 2-Boners
B. 2-Steak Knives


Chain Mail Gloves


Stainless Steel Chainmail Gloves available in 3 variations - Hand Glove, Gauntlet and Long Gauntlet for wrist and forearm protection.


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