The ColourGrip System

Keep a grip on food safety and hygiene by following our ColourGripTM colour-coding system!

Many cases of food poisoning occur every year as a result of cross-contamination. One very useful means of preventing cross-contamination in the food industry is by the implementation of an effective colour-coding policy. To this end, we developed the ColourGripTM colour-coding system, which is now used extensively throughout the food processing and catering industries.

The system is very simple – a specific coloured handle is designated to each of the different types of food used in food preparation.

Keep a grip on food safety and hygiene by following the ColourGrip™ coding chart for all working surfaces, knives and accessories
Red R Raw Meat
Blue B Raw Fish
Yellow Y Cooked Meat
Green G Salad / Fruit
Brown N Vegetable
White W Dairy / Bakery

Any knife, any colour!

And unlike many other knife manufacturers, we are able to offer any knife with any of the handle colour options!

We also supply many colour-coded accessories (including chopping boards and serving tongs)
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The ColourGripTM colour-coding system also has the advantage of reducing the risk of tainting food by enabling knives which have been used on strong flavours (such as fish etc) to be separated, and also to separate production lines in food factories.


Handle Types

On the vast majority of Granton® knives, three handle types are available

The Regular Handle - standard, polypropylene handle, originally designed for holding the knife safely and comfortably for long periods.

Regular Handle




The Ergo handle - developed for the professional user who uses knives all day, our research and development team worked with various food processing companies to develop this innovative handle, the resulting design provides the following benefits;

Ergo HAndle




The Ergo Safety Handle - this is a hybrid version of the Ergo described above, but it has a much longer finger guard to protect the fingers and reduce the chance of injury.

Ergo Safety

All handles are insert moulded from polypropylene co-polymer to withstand rigorous sterilising and dishwasher use and do not present the potential health hazards that are frequently associated with other knives.

Traditional riveted wooden handles also continue to be available on many lines!

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