Granton® Edge Knives

So, what is so good about the Granton® Edge that all other knife manufacturers want to copy it?

Let’s start with the raw material; the steel. We use a high carbon stainless steel that ensures the benefit in appearance of stainless is coupled with the hardness and edge retention properties that the carbon content provides.

Next, there is the heat treatment process which has been developed over many years. This, along with the grinding process, is the real secret of the knife. The steel must be strong enough to ensure that the fine cutting edge is maintained for the longest possible duration, and when eventually the edge needs revitalising it can easily accomplished using a sharpening steel.

Finally, there are the Granton® Edge scallops. The series of small scallops that make up the Granton® Edge are ground alternately on each side of the blade by hand with great precision. This ensures that each knife performs perfectly for the longest possible time by retaining a fine, razor sharp cutting edge for far longer than a traditional plain edge knife. The scallops also provide an additional benefit in that air is allowed to enter between the blade and the cut product, enabling the cut slice to fall away from the knife and not stick to it.

The Granton® Edge is available on any knife, but most popular on our Ham, Beef and Salmon slicer knives where the benefits of the Granton® Edge make it our best selling range.

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