Palette Knives

Palette Knives

There are Palette Knives and there are Palette Knives!

Granton® Palette Knives are manufactured in the traditional way; by fully grinding the entire length of the blade. This process takes years of experience. It is vital to remove just the right amount of material in order to ensure the correct amount of flexibility is achieved. At one time this process was all done by hand. Nowadays, we have sophisticated grinding machines to ensure our exacting tolerances are maintained.

The test when choosing a Palette Knife is to press the blade onto a firm surface. It should bend from the middle of the blade, not near the handle. Keep pushing the blade so it is at 90 degrees to the handle. A Granton® Palette knife has the flexibility to allow it to return to a dead straight "rest" position time and time again.

From our smallest Artist’s Palette Knife to the largest 12" Catering Palette, the feedback we receive from our customers tells us that the Granton® Palette knife range is ahead of the rest!


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